High-Dynamic-Range (HDR) Imaging

A recent Washington Post article raised the question of whether HDR (high-dynamic-range) photography is overstepping its boundaries in the public eye. HDR photography combines multiple exposure levels in one image so that enhanced color, texture, and brightness is distributed evenly throughout the image. As this kind of processing becomes more accessible to professionals and amateurs alike, a growing debate is taking place over whether this manipulation of natural appearances is acceptable.


Same beach, before and after HDR blending

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Kalon at Cocktails & Couture

My name is Kim Strathman and I am a public relations student at the University of South Florida.


Kalon Imaging took on the Cocktails X Couture on Saturday, January 17. It took place in Ybor City, and we were met with the best designers, models, and performers in the Tampa community. It was my first time at a fashion show, and it was an unforgettable experience. The show was split up into a couple different acts, and in each act there were a performers and then several fashion lines were modeled. Continue reading

Kalon Resolutions & Updates 2015

New year, new blog intern. My name is Robine (pronounce like Robin) and I am a student at the University of South Florida.  Currently, I’m studying public relations with a minor in communications. I’m super excited to have this internship with Kalon and I know I’ll be learning a lot as the semester goes on.

By now most of you have settled into the new year and are working on your New Year’s Resolutions. People take this time to start on changes they have been wanting to make. Others jumped the gun and are just continuing the changes they made last year. In the spirit of change and resolutions, we want to share our goals for 2015 with our lovely followers.

First off, an announcement: we are launching our very own arts and culture magazine. We want to expose our Carrollwood family, and all of Tampa Bay for that matter, to the thriving arts community that’s surrounding them. This magazine will also feature and connect local businesses. Look out for the publication that will capture the inner and outer beauty of our wonderful city.

Photo by Gio Yepez

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A Kalon Internship: Ev Malcolm

Hi folks, Ev the intern here. My last week interning with Kalon Imaging seems like a good time to reflect on all the fun, learning and friendship I’ve experienced over the past four months. I became interested in photography during a Graduate Journalism program at USF St. Petersburg, and began to modestly pursue it as a means of income. I worked for corporate portrait studios and night clubs, and grew my skills little by little.

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Kalon’s Thankful Thursday List

The Season of Stuffing is upon us once more and you know what that means – naps! Also, lists of things we’re thankful for. These lists aren’t as fun as the ones we send to Santa, because turkeys don’t bring presents, but they are necessary. The lists, that is, not the turkeys (some people prefer a nice honey-baked ham). We recommend making one of these every year as a reminder of all the great stuff you’ve got going for you, and wanted to share ours for the Stuffening of 2014!

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Kymatic Studios

Last week we had the pleasure of connecting with some incredible folks in the Warehouse Arts District of St. Petersburg for music, dancing and great photos. Kiamesha Wray, owner of Kymatic Studios, invited us out to her enormous warehouse to enjoy a session off her weekly “Jam Night,” as well as an album release party for “Virginia Rose Band.”

Kiamesha followed in the footsteps of Duncan McClellan and numerous other artists when she opened up shop in the warehouse district in early 2013. Kymatic Studios (formerly known as Project 2436) started as a space for artists to live and work and has blossomed into a music venue, art gallery, community garden and after-hours bar. It’s also a great place to catch poi and other fire performances.


Kiamesha was often hired as a professional fire spinner before opening her warehouse and spinning for guests there.

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Tips for Model Safety

Models meet new people all the time. Networking is the only way to make it in the industry. Introducing yourself to and following up with potential partners is the best way to expand your horizons and secure new opportunities. But not everyone you meet is going to be who they say. Some are all talk, others are schemers, and the worst are predatory.

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