The Photographer’s Responsibility

We hope we sound like a broken record when we tell you that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and walks of life. And here at Kalon, we like to put our money where our mouth is. But why do we feel the need to remind you?


Models from all stages of their modeling careers have ventured over to our photography studio here in Northdale, Tampa. We were privileged enough to have been a model’s first photographer, ever. We were also lucky to have organized shoots for experienced, international models in designer’s clothes. With that wide range of a network, it would be silly for Kalon Imaging to deny photographers’ influence in the fashion industry. So why is it that when there is a push for diversification of bodies, people only look at magazines and other components that fall under the vast umbrella that is the media? Magazines would not exist without photographers. Designers would not sell clothes if there was no one to photograph models wearing them. If sixty percent of photographers decided to focus on photographing plus-size designers’ catalogs, runway shows and magazine spreads, they would become the new norm.

Samantha BTS

Or even better, if photographers bulked up their portfolios with a balance of different types of models – some traditionally thin, some toned and muscular, some plus-size, and promoted these images, what then? And what if they were all of varied ethnic backgrounds?



We believe photographers have such a great amount of influence in the fashion industry that it is our responsibility to guide it in the right direction. Kalon Imaging wants to help create a fashion industry that accepts all bodies. An industry where titles like “traditional” size and “plus-size” are obsolete, because the model’s relationship with the camera will be more important than their size. Help us make this possible and schedule a shoot today.

Alex BTS

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