Rogue & In Vogue: Halloween Edition Recap

Kalon Imaging’s first Rogue & In Vogue event took place this past Saturday. A cold front and a breeze set us all in a cool and creepy mood that made Halloween last an extra day in Northdale. We’d like to thank all of the models and photographers who joined us. We captured some phenomenal images and had a great time doing it.



We were joined by Jacqueline Saldana of Jacka Designs, who provided dresses and a keen fashion sense, and Neva Durham of Diva Designs, who provided makeup, hair-styling and threw in pose instructions for our models. These ladies helped our photographer and model guests get in the right mode and position to create the most imaginative images possible. They brought a ton of variety to the shoot, and we’re excited to show off their hard work here and in our galleries.




Our five sets had backdrop variations for our skull-ladies, dark brides and zombies. In addition to our usual indoor studio sets, we set up a derelict warehouse, a graveyard and a haunted garden with billowing curtains. Even with the sun shining, our guests collaborated to make creepy, beautiful scenes.



This was just the first Rogue & In Vogue weekend. We plan to hold these themed events each month and hope to meet more photographers and models from around Tampa Bay each time. Our studio is available for rent outside of the events, if photographers feel inspired before our next Rogue & In Vogue. Members have access to all of our equipment and space, and get early access to our events at a discounted rate.



Keep an eye out for announcements describing next month’s event and be sure to purchase your tickets early. We welcome photographers of all experience levels and are happy to assist those still developing their skills. This is a great opportunity to meet and network with fellow artists and models. We are honored to have the opportunity to provide a gathering place for the local creative community.


In the meantime, take a look at more photos from the weekend’s event on our Facebook and Instagram, and find us on Twitter to be the first to see what we have planned for December!


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