Studio VS. Location Photography

As a photographer, it is important to plan out every detail of your photo session. You must organize models, makeup artists, assistants and necessary gear. You must also secure a location, and this can often be tricky. Even if you find the perfect setting, you must be sure you have permission to shoot there, that it’s clear of people walking through your shot, and that it’s not too windy, or raining. This is where a well-equipped studio can be a major asset to your work.


Natural and urban settings provide great scenery for photos, but they require travel, transportation of equipment, and coordination of a crew. Not to mention there are usually no air conditioners or refrigerators. We experienced long-shoot-starvation at our recent outing to Sand Key Park, and would have loved to have a stash of water bottles and sandwiches on hand for the team.


We offer rental of our studio in Northdale, equipment and refrigerator included, to fellow photographers and models for incredibly affordable prices. Many studios will charge more than $100 for just a few hours of shooting, but our main, portrait and product studios can be rented for a fraction of that price. Our rates can be seen here, and include use of our spare camera bodies, lenses and lighting.

There is also a discounted rate for photographers who join our Membership Program, which can also be read about on the rental rates page mentioned above. Members receive discounted rental rates and early, discounted access to Kalon events such as our monthly Rogue & In Vogue series. During these themed events, photographers are invited to shoot experienced models dressed and made up by professional artists at our studio.


Need an extra hand or some advice during your shoot? We’ll be happy to assist. We can also put you in touch with skilled wardrobe designers, makeup artists and hair stylists if you don’t have your own. Our team of delightful spokesmodels can also help you bulk up your portfolio with character and variety when you’re lacking a subject. Our main and portrait studios come equipped with a selection of backdrops and lighting setups.

If you own an online store or just like to photograph small objects, our product studio has the materials you need to show off jewelry, clothing and more. You can also borrow our macro lenses to capture exquisite detail and add a new perspective to your work. We also have a spacious backyard surrounded by trees, with easy access to the studio.


Contact us today to schedule a visit to our studio so that you can see the facility for yourself. We always love meeting new artists. Or sign up for next month’s Rogue & In Vogue to get a preview of the studio in action! Remember, it’s cheaper for members!


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