Kymatic Studios

Last week we had the pleasure of connecting with some incredible folks in the Warehouse Arts District of St. Petersburg for music, dancing and great photos. Kiamesha Wray, owner of Kymatic Studios, invited us out to her enormous warehouse to enjoy a session off her weekly “Jam Night,” as well as an album release party for “Virginia Rose Band.”

Kiamesha followed in the footsteps of Duncan McClellan and numerous other artists when she opened up shop in the warehouse district in early 2013. Kymatic Studios (formerly known as Project 2436) started as a space for artists to live and work and has blossomed into a music venue, art gallery, community garden and after-hours bar. It’s also a great place to catch poi and other fire performances.


Kiamesha was often hired as a professional fire spinner before opening her warehouse and spinning for guests there.


Kiamesha spinning at an early warehouse event.

On Jam Night (every Wednesday at 7pm) artsy types from all over Tampa Bay are invited to play music, paint, draw, dance and enjoy great company. Kiamesha built the stage that occupies the center of the warehouse, and created several of the paintings that adorn the walls. The other paintings and equipment are provided by friends and fellow artists, and some paintings were even created live during events that took place at the warehouse.

Local bands and DJs are also regularly featured on weekend nights. The most recent event was the above-mentioned album release event of the Virginia Rose Band. Over a dozen other rock and hip-hop artists were featured as well from 7pm until no one could keep their eyes open anymore. Kymatic is known for its eclectic, personable crowd and engaging atmosphere. The pretty lights and fog geysers don’t hurt, either.


The Virginia Rose Band


Just a few miles from downtown, the Warehouse Arts District is a major element of the artistic community in St. Petersburg. Kymatic and other warehouses can be toured and enjoyed during the Second Saturday Art Walk that takes place all throughout the city. Walk, drive or take the trolley to visit various art exhibits, vintage stores and live performances.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for updates on the Kymatic Facebook to see what events are coming up, and what you might have missed. We’ll be there covering events from time to time, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram to see things through our lens!



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