Kalon’s Thankful Thursday List

The Season of Stuffing is upon us once more and you know what that means – naps! Also, lists of things we’re thankful for. These lists aren’t as fun as the ones we send to Santa, because turkeys don’t bring presents, but they are necessary. The lists, that is, not the turkeys (some people prefer a nice honey-baked ham). We recommend making one of these every year as a reminder of all the great stuff you’ve got going for you, and wanted to share ours for the Stuffening of 2014!


1. Florida “Winter”

While our northern counterparts are trudging through 6 feet of snow we’re alternating between pants and shorts inside of the same week. It may be cold for Florida, but that’s extremely relative and we’ll take sunshine in November over cold wind and clouds any day.


2. Playlists

How does anyone get work done without music? Online playlists provide the soundtrack to our lives at the studio. Especially during photoshoots. If you’ve ever had photos done in a studio you might know how hard it can be to feel comfortable and expressive without a little atmosphere.


3. Ctrl-Z

If there was one command we wish existed in real life, it’s this one. Countless accidents and silly mistakes have been undone in programs from Word to Photoshop with this simple button combo, and if you mash it enough you’re granted a full pardon to start all over.


4. Naps

If it seems like we’re harping on this one, we are. No one encourages (or even allows) daytime naps after kindergarten and that’s criminal. Take full advantage of tryptophan-induced comas today, this is the only time of year where it seems to be acceptable.


5. GPS

Besides easy navigating without the use of huge paper maps, this technological breakthrough also locates affordable food at the press of a button. Whoever worked that one out gets the Kalon “Favorite Inventor of the Century” award.


6. Saturday

This one is pretty self-explanatory.


7. Online Shopping

Camera gear is expensive. And retail shopping involves a lot of travel. Online shopping solves both of these problems. Low prices and home delivery? It’s a wonder anyone is going to leave their home to wait in the “cold” (Florida) tomorrow for discounts.


8. Friends

On a sincere note, we really couldn’t do anything that we do without the loving support of the friends and fellow creatives we have the privilege of working with every week. We’re lucky to know every model, designer, artist and photographer that have stuck by us in creating our vision. Thanks guys.


9. Adobe Subscription

Ever checked out the price of Photoshop? Surprised by the number of zeroes? An Adobe subscription costs ~$50/month! Know what you want for Christmas now?


There you have it! Kalon’s Thankful Thursday List. We would love to hear some of the items from your list. Drop us a line on Facebook about it. And let us know where you stand on the turkey vs. ham debate!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


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