Kalon Resolutions & Updates 2015

New year, new blog intern. My name is Robine (pronounce like Robin) and I am a student at the University of South Florida.  Currently, I’m studying public relations with a minor in communications. I’m super excited to have this internship with Kalon and I know I’ll be learning a lot as the semester goes on.

By now most of you have settled into the new year and are working on your New Year’s Resolutions. People take this time to start on changes they have been wanting to make. Others jumped the gun and are just continuing the changes they made last year. In the spirit of change and resolutions, we want to share our goals for 2015 with our lovely followers.

First off, an announcement: we are launching our very own arts and culture magazine. We want to expose our Carrollwood family, and all of Tampa Bay for that matter, to the thriving arts community that’s surrounding them. This magazine will also feature and connect local businesses. Look out for the publication that will capture the inner and outer beauty of our wonderful city.

Photo by Gio Yepez

“Art is an essential part of culture,” Alex says. The main goal of the magazine is to provide a platform for local artists to showcase their talent. Tampa Bay has a lot of talented, undiscovered artists and we want to help them get recognized. By focusing on the art in Carrollwood and other Tampa neighborhoods, we will strengthen the aesthetics and enlarge the art community here.

Some of the other things we will work on this year are the workshops and spokesmodel program.  With our workshops, we aim to teach and work with beginners looking to get into the industry (photography, fashion, beauty, etc.), as well as advanced photographers who are looking to improve on a new style or polish their editing skills. Here at Kalon, we are open to working with anyone that has a genuine interest in the industry and is eager to learn.

The spokesmodel program started last year and we are going to continue to improve it with additional workshops and more exposure opportunities for our models. Our spokesmodel program is based on skill. It does not matter what size, shape, skin color or ethnicity you are. As long as you have a passion for modeling, we want to work with you.  At Kalon, we believe that inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty.

As you can tell, this year is all about helping local talent grow. “The arts are not being valued for what is,” Alex said.  This is something we want to change in the Tampa bay and Carrollwood area. Of course this is not something that can be changed overnight, but as long as we continue to grow and strive to complete our goals we should see significant changes within the art community in Tampa.


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