Studio VS. Location Photography

As a photographer, it is important to plan out every detail of your photo session. You must organize models, makeup artists, assistants and necessary gear. You must also secure a location, and this can often be tricky. Even if you find the perfect setting, you must be sure you have permission to shoot there, that it’s clear of people walking through your shot, and that it’s not too windy, or raining. This is where a well-equipped studio can be a major asset to your work.

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Rogue & In Vogue: Halloween Edition Recap

Kalon Imaging’s first Rogue & In Vogue event took place this past Saturday. A cold front and a breeze set us all in a cool and creepy mood that made Halloween last an extra day in Northdale. We’d like to thank all of the models and photographers who joined us. We captured some phenomenal images and had a great time doing it.

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5 Tips for Beach Photography

Yesterday, Kalon took a team of photographers, artists and models out to Clearwater Beach for a breezy photo session. Beach photography calls for good times in the sand and gorgeous scenery, but these beautiful aspects can also create challenges. In today’s blog we provide tips for contending with strong wind, harsh light, and problematic flora and fauna.


Photographer Marko Arsic and owner Gio Yepez scouting our location.

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ARTpool’s Dia De Los Muertos Abnormal Formal

This past Saturday, Kalon traveled to St. Petersburg to enjoy and support ARTpool Gallery’s Dia De Los Muertos Abnormal Formal. The event promised body art, fashion, music and costumes, and ARTpool delivered. It was a perfect appetizer to Halloween next Friday, and our camera ate it up.

The ARTpool Gallery itself is full off gorgeous vintage clothing, jewelry and knickknacks, in addition to colorful displays of original paintings and other artwork. The entire store, down to the glass case mannequins, is wonderfully eccentric.

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Music Photography

Kalon owners Alex and Gio have taken show and portrait photos for individual musicians and bands from numerous genres. As supporters of local art, and artists themselves, they understand what goes into the creation of a personal image. In today’s interview they describe how they make their clients’ visions a reality.

What kind of musicians have you taken pictures for in the past?

Alex: I’ve worked a little bit with folk bands, and rock bands as well. I like alternative styles and family friendly styles, like spiritually-oriented groups. Those are my favorite.

Have you done any really big shows or do you work more with the local scene?

Alex: Mostly I’ve worked with smaller, local bands that are starting out. I like helping people when they’re first getting going because that’s when they’re developing their image.


Ritual to Romance

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